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Saved Big Money at Menards…Again

April 19, 2010

Went to Menards on 4/14/10  to get my weekly freebies.  I received 2 Plastic Mud Pans, 2 Packs of three Terry Cloth Towels (only 1 shown in photo – already using the other set), 2 Packs of Forever Green Bags, 2 Mini Blinds, and 4 Tubes of Blacktop Crack Filler.  Total came to $34.82 including tax – used a previous Menards rebate to pay.  Total out of pocket cash = $0.  I will be getting back $33.00 on another rebate certificate in approximately 3 weeks.  I have noticed the turn around time for the rebate certificate to arrive in the mail to be about 3 weeks and 2 days.  I usually put several weeks worth of rebates in one envelope to save on postage.  The rebates usually all go to the same P.O. Box address.  Once in a while they do go to a seperate address, but it is very rare.   The certificates never expire, and eventually you will notice you are getting certificates in the mail almost every week, once you have been doing this a while.  If you plan it well, you will always use certificates to buy that week’s free items, and never have to pay any cash out of pocket!